Tuesday 3 December 2013


We were in the same school since kindergarten, and often used to be in the opposite groups specially when it came to all the rivalries ( be it the-who will be chosen by the music teacher for the next annual day group song, or which section will win the maths/science/xyz quiz ).
This because we were in different sections. But despite all the rivalry between the sections, we were friends.

Spending hours talking over the phone, the sleepovers and those cat calls during the sleep overs, mall walking aimlessly and shopping to our heart's content with the saved pocket money used to be our favorite pastimes.

It was in 9th standard that we decided we were grown up enough to go out for a movie all by ourselves, without having either set of parents to watch us. And we decided to go to the theater farthest from home. And since it was a Hollywood movie, gosh were we glad that the parents were not accompanying us.. We'll be able to watch the entire movie and would not need to excuse ourselves to the washroom, each time they show so much as a kiss on the screen ;-) ...

It was the four of us who went for the movie, had awesome fun and returned home, little realizing the  fact that we were way beyond our curfews.. After all who cares what timelines are set by the parents to return home, once you are out with friends. Mobile phones were not a fashion accessory at that time, and us being the less fashionable one's were of course deprived of the luxury. Hence, no phone calls from mom-dad inquiring about our whereabouts. So once we reach our respective homes, the sequence of events which ensued at our places was somehow almost similar.

Dad's in the balconies with something in their hands to give us a nice thrashing ( mine had his old shoe and her's had a bat :-) .. and before you get thinking they were not used on us, so no child abuse here ) . Mom's in the drawing rooms with the worried looks and almost at the verge of crying, and our siblings understanding the tension in the house moved to the farthest corner of the house, away from the very sight of mom and dad, lest they bear the brunt of their sisters' mistake.

It really took some convincing and apologizing and what all and what not to evade the outbursts from the Dad's, though if I recall now, I think mom did let her hand move freely..he he

The next day when we exchanged notes on how long we were grounded for, we couldn't contain our laughter on getting to know we shared the same plight. The funniest part ( or now as a parent I think, the scariest for them at that point of time ) was her father had almost stepped out of the house to file a Missing FIR!!!!

That was the last day when we dared do such a thing, after that each of our outings were closely monitored, and most were only to each other's place where parents could call and check where we were.