Friday 24 January 2014

Girl=Boy= BULLSHIT!!

As I entered the women only coach in the metro, I wondered how the day went, and how soon can  reach back home. It has sort of become a ritual with me, despite traveling on the same train every day I can't help but count how many stations till I reach my destination..

So yes, somewhere between me counting the stations, there enters a family of four on the third or fourth-- a lady with two kids a boy and a girl, accompanied by her mother.. I couldn't help but notice them, since the kids were running all about and the granny was screaming her lungs out trying to restrain them.

[I am not going on the rape/molestation/assault/eve-teasing tangent here in this post, since that's a different place altogether, where men view women as only a sex object and nothing else ( Disclaimer: the men in point being the one's who carry out such acts of indecency and not all men ) . ]

I am talking about us women, and what level of respect do we offer to each other?

This was all evident in the way the granny behaved with the girl and the boy. The boy must be tired, hence begins the search for a place to sit and have him seated in her lap, whereas the girl can stand holding the luggage. The boy can do the same mischief and get away with it, but if the girl did it, she had it.. Both the kids were hungry, but oh the boy must be fed first, since the girl needs to understand patience and tolerance for her life ahead! And what life are you preparing her for? To be quiet and tolerate prejudices??? Why?

How silly of me to ask, of course because she is a girl and tomorrow needs to go to another house and there what kind of treatment is meted out to her, who knows, so she better be prepared before hand. Hence start treating her like that right here, right now. Do not make her feel like a princess, because then she will get used to it and wouldn't be able to adjust in the new house....

I am not an active woman emancipator, but am not the one to ignore such things as well. I remember as a child, when one of the aunts used to tell me that her sons be fed first and I should wait for my turn after serving them, I used to set out a plate full of meal for them and start eating it myself *winks*.. If I can wait for my meal, why can't they be taught the same patience *evil grin*

How much ever we sit in funky offices and talk about India becoming an empowered nation and how women are treated equally at various designations, the ground reality still remains that she is the trending topic for gossip ( and especially by us women ) if she enjoys having a drag or two in public. My opinion is, let her be- who told you to act like her granny and do her moral policing?

And if these are the thoughts of the educated class, I really am not surprised to see such prejudices by the not-so-educated ones..

Tuesday 21 January 2014

Forgive and forget?

No matter how much u hate certain things, situations, people, or circumstances or events, sometimes you just have to put up with them. Is it worth it, ask me not, as I would not answer.

They say live in oblivion and ignore such things/people/comments/circumstances! Is that even possible? 

Can you ignore a deep gash on your leg which is bleeding and pretend that it isn't there? Likewise, it isn't that simple to be oblivious of your surroundings and things. If something bothers you it bothers you, period! 

Now some would say forgive and forget, no mister I ain't cut out of that stone and am no saint either. 

So what does one do in such a situation? You tell me?

At least for me , it has never been easy to let go of the hurt which someone has caused me. No matter how hard I try, some traces of pain still remain in my system. I know, life is too short to be thinking about what someone did but I guess some people are just made this way...