Tuesday 21 January 2014

Forgive and forget?

No matter how much u hate certain things, situations, people, or circumstances or events, sometimes you just have to put up with them. Is it worth it, ask me not, as I would not answer.

They say live in oblivion and ignore such things/people/comments/circumstances! Is that even possible? 

Can you ignore a deep gash on your leg which is bleeding and pretend that it isn't there? Likewise, it isn't that simple to be oblivious of your surroundings and things. If something bothers you it bothers you, period! 

Now some would say forgive and forget, no mister I ain't cut out of that stone and am no saint either. 

So what does one do in such a situation? You tell me?

At least for me , it has never been easy to let go of the hurt which someone has caused me. No matter how hard I try, some traces of pain still remain in my system. I know, life is too short to be thinking about what someone did but I guess some people are just made this way...

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