Wednesday 23 October 2013

Festive Spirit Ahoy!!

So here we are in the middle of the festive season. Needless to say, the air is filled with gusto and celebration spirit. To add to the festive spirit is the wedding season as well, hence the overcrowded markets. People buying anything and everything. Of utility? Well, that remains a question to be answered....Don't want to talk much about the decorations and lights and the kilometer long traffic jams...

But something that hit me real hard was something I saw over the weekend.

We were invited to a friend's for dinner and on our way back, late at night, saw a lot of people sleeping on the pavements. Now, that's not a new sight for any Delhi-ite or for anyone living in a metro. But, it got me thinking, how many destitutes would be there, living on the streets of our city. How many of them would want to change their life's and would want to achieve something through  hard-work? And how many are ok with the way things are and accepted it as a part of their destiny. These people are ill-provided for and often you would see them shivering in the cold winter night without so much as a proper blanket over them. But how many of us care to give off our blankets to them, even though each of us would have plenty spare one's at our homes. What if some relative comes over, we would need all of them!!

With the winters knocking on the doors, we would see them inappropriately dressed, without so much as a pullover over there bare bodies. And we on the other hand, always want that long over-coat, missing in our wardrobe!!!! We keep cribbing, " oh i don't have anything to wear", with the cup-board screaming for help to be cleaned ( this includes me!! ). Think of those who don't have so much as a cup-board or more than a couple of clothes , hence they don't face the problem of choices.

Not saying we should feel guilty about having such abundances in life ( and trust me, you would feel abundant if you compare yourself with them ) , but we shouldn't feel sorry for ourselves too for not being able to buy that expensive car, or for not being able to go on that vacation we always wanted.

Whatever we have, will always be lesser in comparison to some and way too much in comparison to others. How you want to feel about it is your choice, you want to feel deprived or you want to feel you have aplenty. Again your choice!

Would sum up with this quote,
"In the long run men inevitably become the victim of their wealth. They adapt their lives and habits to their money, not their money to their lives. It preoccupies their thoughts, creates artificial needs, and draws a curtain between them and the world."

Bis bald! 

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