Tuesday 15 October 2013

Some connection there certainly is !!

Often times I wonder, how the world would have been before I was born. Was it as rosy as is shown in the classic English movies, the one's with the strong Victorian Era influence. Where the girls are dressed in beautiful gowns and the bouffant's adorn there heads and they go around dancing in the splendid ball rooms.

And then there are those movies ," The Boy in the striped pyjamas " and " The Schindler's List", which make you aware that there was such a world too. Have not been able to fathom the relation with the second kind of world so far, but I am drawn towards it very strongly. How many times I would have Google-d Holocaust and survival stories, I myself can't recall. Read through so many websites and books to find out why it happened and what joy it provided to any human being to brutally massacre another human race. Someone with same blood and veins, who breathed and walked and talked just like you do.

Each time I read about it,  I feel more and more disgusted with how we can stoop to such levels of inhumanity! The stories do really strike a very strong chord in my heart, that of sadness and feeling sorry.

I really think, there's got to be a connection. Why else would I be reading about it again and again and again, only to end up feeling hurt and sad!

What a write-up to begin my blogging life, but that's what is on my mind for some time now and where else to pour out but here..in my world!

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