Friday 7 March 2014

Take it NO MORE

I watched and pondered and pondered some more and then some more about the rape cases covered in the Satyamev Jayate episode aired last weekend.

The statistics said it all- so it's not about the dress, the age, the looks, the time at which she chooses to venture out, she is out with a male friend  or the chowmein or the junk food that one eats which instigate a rapist. IN YOUR FACE people who blamed girls all this while, they got it because they were asking for it!!!

What has been on my mind for quite sometime now is the number of cases, which are never registered. Or rather the number of girls who never muster enough strength to as much as go to their parents and confide that something this brutal has happened with them.

And is it just the rape which harms the modesty of the girl? Recently came to know of a girl on whom there was a rape attempt.

This girl was on her way to college, in her regular means of transport; the auto-rickshaw, at her usual time- around 8-ish in the morning, in a very hustling and bustling part of the city. And the auto driver had the audacity of trying to impose himself on her, in bright day light! Thankfully a fellow Samaritan noticed what was happening and rescued the girl from the situation. The auto driver fled from the situation and the girl was in no condition to even have noted the number of the auto.

And the girl ignored the act completely and went to the college without reporting a thing!! It was only once she reached the college and collapsed , that her friends noticed the scars on her body and eventually on her soul. Soul because, such incident would not just scar your body, but your soul and the rest of your life will be spent in reliving that night mare again and again in your dreams with a lot of what-if's.

I know there's a lot of stigma attached to the rape victim, but not reporting it? Are you indirectly telling the rapist, that this is acceptable and you can go ahead and try this with someone else ( and maybe even succeed -- God Forbid! ) and then you can walk this earth Scot-free.

I didn't know this girl personally and the identity was kept a secret because obviously the college authorities didn't want any defamation of their institute!

My serious advice to this and any girl- Stay Strong and Fight Hard! You don't need to be ashamed of someone else's devilish act. Report it, no matter how much resistance you face from the police or the neighbors. High time these bastards are taught a lesson.

On this Woman's day, we can only resolve within ourselves- we would not take shit and not be the sufferer any longer!! No Rape attempts will be ignored and no domestic violence will be tolerated!!


  1. hi deeksha,

    i do agree with u tht such rape attempts must be reported. But then you and I have not faced it and will not be in a correct position to comment on these ladies behalf. I mean i totally agree with u, it would give them wrong signals that we can accept this behaviour.....But I think whats most imp is that our perspective, police perspetive, societys perpective has to change first. We also down upon someone whos been raped right? Somewhere, the image of victim changes for no fault of hers. Instead of being loved or pampered more, shes been questioned for going out alone as such a point of time. Police makes the victim go through another incident as harsh as rape in the form of questions, medical test etc. Thats why I think its really important our society change first, so that all these girls can come out in open and report an incident. Who knows if there is a change in society, rape incidents go down.....though i knw its just a wishful thought. Delhi is just not safe for us girls!
    Your article is very well written straight from heart!!!!

    1. Thanks Priyanka! And yes, I agree the society's mindset needs to change to a great extent. Not commenting on anyone's behalf here, it's just that I feel, we ( girls) should stop taking this.

  2. well written Deeksha. I can relate to the anger, and it really is a difficult choice on whether to bring the culprits to justice while risking shaming oneself!!

    1. Thanks Nirvana for dropping by! True, it is a difficult choice indeed! When will we come of age! Why all the image related stigma is only for the women?

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